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America Takes down Journalism


I'm happy that Online Websites, Blogs, Humans are calling out the assanine stuff going on about media doctoring pictures. You know why? Because this is the beginning of the end of mass media as we know it. Historically, Newspapers and Television news shows have told us what's going on in the world, and how awful/terrible/no good/very bad the world is, right? Because they made their own niche, they also declared a responsibility to be fair/accurate/trustworthy/[insert other word about honesty here]. And sure, for years people have said that the media has a slant (usually liberal), but we're now *really* seeing that there's a slant. The media, for however long, has tried to persuade public opinion, but in the last six months, they've gotten really sloppy about it.

In the past, few images come to mind. OJ's face on the cover of Time Magazine (They played with the lighting/contrast to give the impression that OJ was guilty - we all know he was, but that's a different story.), The soldier somewhere pointing at people (for which the photographer was 'fired' or something) and now this stuff - the terrible photshop jobs of billowing smoke, showing obvious and generous use of the stamp tool. I mean, come on, did you honestly think there wouldn't eventually be an uproar about it? Do news outlets honestly think that people will take blatent forgeries and consider them the real thing? That's assanine. People are stupid, but not quite that stupid.

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