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Humoro.us Archive - late 2004 through early 2005 - Humoro.us
Humoro.us - Submit your anonymous jokes here. We don't mind if they're really really bad.


Okay, so I'd like to start by bringing back some of the things I previously said about stuff. Check out all my previous postings, which I actually took down because an Ex girlfriend emailed me and was amazingly pissed off about what I said on here :-o

Breaking Hearts and Kneecaps - This was a post I made about trying to get a toolbox back from some Hack who called himself an engine builder. It's also about breaking up with said ex-girlfriend

Skull Bustin' Action Results in Snap-On??? Toolbox - musings about getting the toolbox from said hack in the topic above ;-p

The Great White North. Sort Of. - Talk about Higgins Lake. This was actually the weekend that Ex-girlfriend emailed me and went nuts about the Wal-mart stuff I posted.

Izzeaster! - My mom lives in Tennessee, so this was mostly about going down to visit her. And my Digital Elph. And porn. Yikes :-o

Humoro.us Has Been Quarrantined - The post I made about the ex-girlfriend seeing this site and getting all pissy. Basically, the post about shutting this place down for a while.