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Donating a car to the VOA, page 4 - Humoro.us
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I called up the VOA, to setup a time for me to drop the car off. They told me I'd be able to come in at any time. In fact, I'd be able to drop the car out in front of the gates if I wanted to, and then just tell them where the keys were, and they'd bring it inside for me. This was perfect for me, since the trip to get the car, then go to the VOA and drop it off was more than a three hour ordeal. So, the plan was to drop the car off Sunday night, and then call them Monday morning and tell them about it, so they could put it in their auction and get all the other paperwork squared away - title, tax information and whatnot.

So, one Sunday night before March 15th, I head up to Bryan's house about 9pm. The car starts right up, and so I'm happy about that. I pull the ramps out of the trailer, and start to ascend them in the sunbird. Mind you, the car has no exhaust, no heater, and now has tires that have little air in them. Even with the newfound grip from the low air pressure, I'm unable to load the car on the trailer, because the front wheels just start spinning as the car gets to the top of the beavertail on my trailer. Great, the damn car is fighting me to get on the trailer.

Now, you've got to remember, everything aside from the trailer ramps is absolutely covered in frosty white snow or ice.

So, I try again, only faster.

The car makes it to the top of the beavertail again but then starts spinning the front tires again. Suck. This time, though, I heard a loud *thunk* which abruptly made the car stop moving. So, I get out of the car while it's still on the ramps, and crawl underneath it. The exhaust is hanging down to the point where the catalytic converter is now what's keeping the car from gracefully driving up onto the trailer. The convertor was still on the end of the exhaust (although there was no exhaust system to speak of after the converter) and it was hanging just low enough to catch the lip of the trailer as the car was driving up onto the trailer. Because of the snow, the tires just started to spin, making ice patches at the top of the beavertail. Great.

So, I pull the car back on the ground, and find some speaker wire to tie the exhaust up. Mind you, I have no Jack, and the car is low to the ground. It's an absolute pain in the ass to get this accomplished. Not only am I dressed in a winter coat and JEANS, but it's also now about 10:00 pm on a Sunday night, and my damn car isn't at the damn VOA, because I can't get it on the trailer! Anyway, I have to sidekick the converter, because somehow at one point in time it managed to get bent one way off it's alignment point with the body, so it now wants to snugly rest against the lowest point on the floorpan, instead of up in it converter hole that GM so kindly manufactured into the floorpan of the car. This took some magic, but I finally got the exhaust back up where it belonged, and then had another go at the trailer.

Even wiring the exhaust up where it was supposed to be didn't allow me enough room to get the car on the trailer. Bryan came out at this point with "do you need some help?" written all over his face. "Do you have an air compressor?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, I think Jake left one here" he replied.

So, 10 minutes later, Bryan comes out of his house toting my little air compressor. The one that I had lost about 6 months prior. Jake apparently took it, and then gave it to Bryan. I didn't give the compressor back to Bryan - it was mine, and I was keeping it at this point. I filled the front two tires up on the Sunbird, which then drove up onto the trailer with ease. Fucking Sunbird.