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Donating my car to the VOA, page 3 - Humoro.us
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So, fall came, and I stopped driving the car very much. I started to think about selling it. So, I called up my friend Bryan, and asked him to sell the car for me. I told him to take whatever he wanted for commission, and get whatever he could for the car. I brought the car over to Bryan's house, and left it there.

Throughout the next 20 weeks, the car was moved around at Bryan's house, and parked in his back yard. Then, winter set in. Bryan wasn't really trying to sell the car, and so I decided that since it was a complete beater, I would just donate it to the VOA. The Volunteers of America is a company that accepts donated autos, then resells them to the public, while giving you a tax write-off, and making some money to help needy people. The whole purpose for me, though, was really the tax write-off part.

But, why did I want to get rid of the car anyway? Basically, the car became more of a liability and a cost for me than I was getting use out of it. Sure, I could have kept it, but I didn't really have the space. I also didn't feel like paying for insurance, registration, or anything else on it. The car's total worth was about a grand, on a good day, downhill, with a tailwind. Really, the car just had to go.

So, I went over to find the car behind his house, in 8 inches of snow. I opened the car up, and there was the immediate smell of wet in the car. It also wouldn't start. That pretty much sealed the deal for me, the car would have to go.

So, I tried to get it out of the 8 inches of snow, to no avail. I couldn't - it was stuck.

So, I tried again two weeks later, and still wasn't able to get it out.

And then I tried again. This time, I drove the truck into the back yard, driving precariously on a hill covered in snow, hoping that I'd be able to get into a position to just tow it out. And I couldn't get it.

So, after weeks of bitching, and a the end of winter, I finally said to Bryan that he needed to get it unstuck. Amazingly enough, he did. This was in the beginning of March, 2004. Yes, there was still snow on the ground in Michigan at that time.

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