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Donating the Sunbird to the Volunteers of America, Page 2 - Humoro.us
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  • No driver's side door lock - completely missing

  • The top was all ripped up

  • The heater fan didn't work

  • There was no radio

  • The car was rusty

  • The e-brake didn't work

  • The exhaust was shot

  • You have to be the Fonz to get that baby to shift

So yeah, not a huge list of things wrong with the car, but the most substantial was that it was generally a car you could commute with, but it wasn't *nice*. It was fun to drive everywhere with the top down, but it was a pain to get into gear sometimes (I imagine the clutch was dragging just a little, or that the synchros just needed to be replaced after when the clutch WAS dragging - Nick replaced the clutch master and slave cylinder at one point in time, and also had the clutch replaced in it, so it should have been fine), and in general was a little too cold for Michigan weather. In any case, I drove the car to work more than a dozen times over the summer that I got it. The car actually had only like 97,000 miles on it.

Anyway, I enjoyed the car. I drove it out and didn't care that I left the top down in the parking lot at Best Buy. I didn't care about it being stolen, or broken into (they could, after all, just open the door) and I didn't care about the car. It was certainly more enjoyable, but at the time it didn't matter to me that the car was considered by many people to be kind of a beater. It was fun :-)

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