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Donating a car to the Volunteers of America - Humoro.us
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Tax write-off!

Back in high school, or just after (I can't remember anymore) a good friend of mine, Nick (No, not Nick Wolgamott - this Nick wouldn't screw friends over,) had this Plymouth Sunbird GT convertible. It was a nice white car, with a white top, and came with a 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder. Peppy car; had a lot of fun with it. Here and there it would have little issues, but for the most part, it was reliable.

Nick drove the car until sometime around 2002, when he parked it because it had blown the turbo, and bought a Chevy S10 from his Mom. The car sat for about a year, and that's when Nick and I came up with a trade. I had this laptop that I liked, but it was getting old. So, I traded Nick a Thinkpad for this Sunbird. I towed the car home on my trailer, and throughout the next few weeks, got it licensed, and ordered a turbo for the car. At this point, the car ran. There was just one small issue with it, the check engine light. I went up to Autozone, and $12 dollars later, had a new O2 sensor for it. After that was replaced, the engine worked as designed. There were other creature comforts missing from the car, but I had a good time with it for the most part. Here's a small but complete list of things wrong with the car...

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