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Humoro.us - a Humorous look life, the world around us, and the fact that people are, in general, stupid. - Humoro.us
Humoro.us - Submit your anonymous jokes here. We don't mind if they're really really bad.

Welcome to Humoro.us

Home of a bunch of great things. Unfortunately, they've been deleted. Anyone with an image of the iSac, please try to contact us. Thanks :-)

Also, the picture of the guy puking out his nose was always a fun one that I miss, too :-(

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New Stories

Great legends are born by the storytellers who tell them. I've had a lot of stories that have helped define me, my life, and the way I live it. I'd like to tell you about some of them:

My donation to the Volunteers of America (pages: 2 3 4)
I got Kicked out of Best Buy
Blowing up Jay's engine
The Fraud at work

Other Stuff

Archived Stuff - This is an archive containing things I had previously talked about. I took a lot of it down because I had an ex-girlfriend flip out on me by sending emails to my cell phone scolding me about the things I said in them. It's been more than 8 months since any of this happens. Haha - that's actually the only email address of mine she knew, and I don't have that phone or address anymore ;-)

Internet Popular Culture It's hard to find a good bit of information about internet populat culture. I was working on information pertaining to Internet Popular Culture, so if you're looking for that information, you'll want to click on the link you just passed.